Mobile Home Lot for Rent – 5826 Cartwell Road, Mullins

5826 Cartwheel Rd, Mullins, SC 29574, USA
Lot for Rent $215.00 Per Month - For Rent, Lot of Rent
3/4 acre

Lot for Rent near Little Pee Dee River. Will support a RV or Mobile Home.


  • Water Pump
  • Septic tank
  • RV Hook Up
  • We take care of the grass
  • Trash pick-up available
  • Lot approximately 3/4 of an acre


  1. CONDUCT: Lessee must conduct himself and require other persons on the premises with the Lessee’s permission or who are allowed access to the premises by the Lessee to conduct themselves in a manner that will not disturb other Lessees peaceful enjoyment of the premises.
  2. NO BURNING: All outdoor burning is strictly prohibited. In the event this restriction is violated, the Lessee will be solely responsible for any and all damages and any fines that may be incurred as a result.
  3. SEPTIC: Lessee is solely responsible for the maintenance of the septic and water systems on their lot. Lessee has the duty to repair or remedy or to pay for the repair or remedy, of any damage from waste water stoppages or backup caused by foreign or improper objects in lines that exclusively serve the premises whether by the Lessee, a member of the Lessee’s family, a guest or invitee of Lessee.s.
  4. PARKING: Lessees may park passenger cars only on the premises driveway or other designated areas. Neither Lessees nor guest or invitees shall park any vehicle on another residents space or vacant space without the express permission of the resident or Lessor, whichever is applicable. Visitors shall park in the designated guest or in their host’s drive if space is available.
  5. OTHER VEHICLES: All trailers, boats, recreational vehicles or other vehicles not used for daily transportation shall only be parked in the community as may expressly be designated by Lessor. All vehicles must meet statutory requirements for inspection, safety, etc. in order to be operating in the community. No junked, unusable or unsightly vehicles will be allowed in the community. All vehicles in the community must be properly licensed and registered.
  6. 2/3 WHEEL VEHICLES: The operation of motorcycles, motor scooters, mini bikes and other two or three wheeled motorized vehicles must be first approved in writing by Lessor. Community roads are for passenger vehicles only.
  7. PETS: Any and all pets shall be kept indoors, unless they are kept inside a suitable pen that the animal cannot readily escape from. If pets are not confined, they must be on a leash, and kept under control by the owner. Violation of this restriction will constitute a written warning and if violations is repeated, Lessee shall either dispose of said animal or evictions proceeding shall be excused without further notice. No exotic pets such as snakes, lizards, monkeys etc. will be allowed.
  8. STRUCTURE: All mobile homes will be skirted within thirty (30) days of placement and must be approved by the Lessor. If not compliant, Lessee agrees to pay Lessor for work resulting from Lessee’s failure to maintain premises at a rate of $30 per hour. Approval of Lessor must be obtained before construction, installation or modification of any manufactured home accessory, equipment or other structures. (Note: Building permits may be required for certain accessories or installations).
  9. LANDSCAPING: Installation or planting any trees, concrete, masonry or ground cover must be approved by Lessor. Lessees are encouraged to landscape the premises in a clean, attractive and well-kept fashion. Each Lessee shall be responsible for his or her own lawn maintenance (e.g. mowing, trimming, edging, etc.). In the even Lessee neglects to maintain the lot, Lessor will notify Lessee one time and the Lessee will have five (5) days after the date of said written notice to take corrective action. If Lessee fails to bring the lot into compliance with five (5) days, Lessor or Lessor’s agent shall have the right to enter upon the leased lot without further notice and perform any and all necessary maintenance. Trimming and mowing grass fees are accessed per lot.


  • No Previous Evictions
  • No Criminal Records
  • Household Income after taxes must be at least $1800
  • Must complete an application

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Call Paulette Johnson for more information: 843-685-1416

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