ETJ Development Lease Agreement

ETJ Development Lease Agreement

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The Lessor is:
ETJ Development, LLC
3370 Truluck Johnson Road
Aynor, SC 29511

And will be referred to in the Lot Lease Agreement as “Lessor”.


The Lessee is:

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And will be referred to in the Lot Lease Agreement as “Lessee”.


By this lease, made and entered into on between Lessor and Lessee, Lessor agrees to rent to the Lessee a lot for a manufactured home at the following address:

( I have read this.)


This lease agreement will begin on  and will end one year. If either the lessor or lessee does not wish to renew the lease, the party not wishing to renew shall notify the other party in writing no less than 30 days before expiration of the lease.

If Lessee breaks this lease agreement before end date they forfeit their security deposit. ( I have read this.)


Lessee agrees to pay without demand to Lessor lot rent of $ per month in advance, the 1st day of each calendar month beginning. After the 10th day of each month, a late charge of $50 will be assessed. This is considered additional rent and shall be paid by the Lessee. If Lessee does not pay lot rent within ten (10) days of due date, the Lessor can start eviction proceedings. Lessee will get no other notice as long as Lessee lives on the lot.

If any fees have been charged to the Lessee, any payments made shall be applied first towards any accrued fee, pass through utilities, then past due rent and finally to current rent. At any time during the terms of the agreement, Lessor may increase the amount of rent due by providing a least 60 days prior notice to Lessee prior to the effective date of any such increase. In the event a check is dishonored, the Lessee agrees to pay an additional charge of thirty ($30) dollars. In addition, future payments must then be made only by certified check, cashier’s check, cash, credit card or money order. ( I have read this.)


Prior to moving into the rental property, the Lessee is responsible for depositing $as a Security Deposit with the Lessor. “Security Deposit” means a monetary deposit from the Lessee to the Lessor which is held in trust by the Lessor to secure the full and faithful performance of the terms and conditions of this Lease Agreement. Upon termination of this Lease Agreement, property or money held by the Lessor as security must be returned less amounts withheld by the Lessor for accrued rent, fees and damages which the landlord has suffered by reason of the Lessee’s noncompliance with this Lease Agreement. Any deduction from the security deposit will be itemized by the Lessor in a written notice to the Lessee together with the amount due, if any, within thirty (30) days after termination of the Lease.

The Lessee shall provide the Lessor in writing with a forwarding address or new address to which the written notice and amount due from the landlord may be sent. If the Lessee fails to provide the Lessor with the forwarding or new address, the Lessee is not entitled to damages provided the Lessor (1) had no notice of the Lessee’s whereabouts and (2) mailed the written notice and amount due, if any, to the Lessee’s last known address.

Additionally, this Security Deposit may not be used to pay the last month’s rent without the Lessor’s prior written consent. ( I have read this.)


Manufactured homes in this park shall solely be used and occupied by the Lessee exclusively as a private family dwellings and shall not be used at any time during the term of the lease by the Lessee for the purpose of carrying on any business, profession, or trade of any kind or for any purpose other than a single family residence. The premises shall not be used for any illegal purposes, nor in violations of any valid regulation of any governmental body or agency, not in any manner to create an nuisance or trespass. ( I have read this.)


A rental application must be approved by Lessor before Lessee shall have the right to use or occupy the Premises. Only those persons listed in said Application shall be permitted to occupy the premises. Lessee agrees that the premised shall be occupied be no more than  persons, consisting of  adults and children, without the written consent of Lessor. ( I have read this.)


  1. CONDUCT: Lessee must conduct himself and require other persons on the premises with the Lessee’s permission or who are allowed access to the premises by the Lessee to conduct themselves in a manner that will not disturb other Lessees peaceful enjoyment of the premises. ( I have read this.)
  2. NO BURNING: All outdoor burning is strictly prohibited. In the event this restriction is violated, the Lessee will be solely responsible for any and all damages and any fines that may be incurred as a result. ( I have read this.)
  3. SEPTIC: Lessee is solely responsible for the maintenance of the septic and water systems on their lot. Lessee has the duty to repair or remedy or to pay for the repair or remedy, of any damage from waste water stoppages or backup caused by foreign or improper objects in lines that exclusively serve the premises whether by the Lessee, a member of the Lessee’s family, a guest or invitee of Lessee. ( I have read this.)
  4. SPEED LIMIT: For the safety of the occupants and guest, in the community, Lessor has designated and posted certain speed limits. Lessees agree to abide by such and to cooperate in the enforcement of such speed limits. The streets are private and not public thoroughfares. ( I have read this.)
  5. PARKING: Lessees may park passengers cars only on the premises driveway or other designated areas. Neither Lessees nor guest or invitees shall park any vehicle on another residents space or vacant space without the express permission of the resident or Lessor, whichever is applicable. Visitors shall park in the designated guest or in their host’s drive if space is available. ( I have read this.)
  6. OTHER VEHICLES: All trailers, boats, recreational vehicles or other vehicles not used for daily transportation shall only be parked in the community as may expressly be designated by Lessor. All vehicles must meet statutory requirements for inspection, safety, etc. in order to be operating in the community. No junked, unusable or unsightly vehicles will be allowed in the community. All vehicles in the community must be properly licensed and registered. ( I have read this.)
  7. DELIVERIES: Lessor, may at its sole discretion, for the welfare or the occupants of the community restrict the delivery of certain products and services to approved, designed suppliers or restrict the times of delivery of product and services. ( I have read this.)
  8. 2/3 WHEEL VEHICLES: The operation of motorcycles, motor scooters, mini bikes and other two or three wheeled motorized vehicles must be first approved in writing by Lessor. Community roads are for passengers vehicles only. ( I have read this.)
  9. Heavy equipment and trucks are not allowed on community road. ( I have read this.)
  10. PETS: Any and all pets shall be kept indoors, unless they are kept inside a suitable pen that the animal cannot readily escape from. If pets are not confined, they must be on a leash, and kept under control by the owner. Violation of this restriction will constitute a written warning and if violations is repeated, Lessee shall either dispose of said animal or evictions proceeding shall be excused without further notice. No exotic pets such as snakes, lizards, monkeys etc. will be allowed. ( I have read this.)
  11. STRUCTURE: All mobile homes will be skirted within thirty (30) days of placement and must be approved by the Lessor. If not compliant, Lessee agrees to pay Lessor for work resulting from Lesses’s failure to maintain premises at a rate of $30 per hour. Approval of Lessor must be obtained before construction, installation or modification of any manufactured home accessory, equipment or other structures. (Note: Building permits may be required for certain accessories or installations). ( I have read this.)
  12. LANDSCAPING: Installation or planting any trees, concrete, masonry or ground cover must be approved by Lessor. Lessees are encouraged to landscape the premises in a clean, attractive and well-kept fashion. Each Lessee shall be responsible for his or her own lawn maintenance (e.g. mowing, trimming, edging, etc.). In the even Lessee neglects to maintain the lot, Lessor will notify Lessee one time and the Lessee will have five (5) days after the date of said written notice to take corrective action. If Lessee fails to bring the lot into compliance with five (5) days, Lessor or Lessor’s agent shall have the right to enter upon the leased lot without further notice and perform any and all necessary maintenance. Trimming and mowing grass fees are accessed per lot.

Lessee agrees to pay Lessor for all other repairs and maintenance work resulting from Lesses’s failure to maintain premises in good repair at a rate of $30 per hour. There shall be a one (1) hour minimum fee if Lessor provides any of the services outlined herein. Lessor reserves the right to raise or lower said fees, charges or assessment set forth above. Lessor agrees to provide Lessee with no less that thirty (30) day written notice of any change.

Failure to maintain the site as outlined by this agreement is just cause for termination of this agreement. Lessee herby indemnified and holds Lessor harmless from any cost, loss or damage caused at the premises in the course of such maintenance, regardless of negligence. All landscaping improvement shall immediately become a part of the reality and belong to the Lessor and shall remain upon and be surrendered with the premised unless otherwise expressly agreed upon to in writing by the parties hereto. ( I have read this.)


Lessee shall be responsible for insuring their own property and possessions against fire, theft and other catastrophes, including premises liabilities. Lessor and Lessee hereby release each other from liability for loss or damage occurring on or to the leased premises. Lessee and Lessor waive all rights of recovery against each other for such loss or damage. ( I have read this.)


Lessee warrants and covenants that a full and complete inspection of the premises and of the community and all of its facilities has been made and that all of such were found to be in good, safe and habitable condition. ( I have read this.)


Lessee shall not, without the prior written consent of Lessor, sell, assign, sublet or otherwise transfer any interest in the agreement, or the lease made hereunder, or the premises leased hereby or any interest therein. If Lessee attempts to assign the agreement or allows the premises to be occupied by anyone other than Lessee, Lessor may collect rent and other charges due under this agreement from the assignee or occupant and apply the net amount collected to the amount herein due, and no such collection shall be deemed a waiver of condition herein against assignment or subletting or as an acceptance of the assignee or occupant as a lawful resident of this community or the premises, and in such case, Lessee shall remain liable to Lessor for all provisions of the agreement. ( I have read this.)


In the event that Lessor sells, assigns or otherwise transfers its interest in the community or manufactured home, this agreement shall be binding on the purchaser, assignee or transferee. Lessor shall be automatically relieved of any obligations or liability hereunder as of the date of such sale, assignment, or transfer, provided that the obligations and liability hereunder are assumed in writing by said purchaser, assignee our transferee. All new residents must complete an application approval process and have written approval prior to move in. ( I have read this.)


If at any time during the term of the lease, Lessee abandons the premises, Lessor, at his/her option, may enter the premises without being liable for any prosecution, or without becoming liable to lessee for damages or for any payment of any kind. In case of abandonment, Lessee follows all South Carolina laws leading to a Judicial sale of the all property. ( I have read this.)


Residents right to occupant shall terminate or may be terminates as follows: (a) at the end of the term of the agreement on thirty (30 days’ written notice by either Lessee or Lessor, (b) if Lessee does not pay lot rent within five (5) days of due date, the Lessor can start eviction proceedings. Lessee will get no other notice as long as Lessee lives on the lot. © in ccordnace with the terms and provisions hero related to release of Lessee or (d) at such other time as may be agreed to by the parties hereto in writing. When residents right of occupancy is terminates, Lessee shall pay all rental or other sums due owed to Lessor and shall peacefully surrender possession of the premises and remove all Lessee’s property pursuant to this agreement; failure to do so shall be deemed a breach of this agreement. ( I have read this.)


Lessee agrees to indemnify and hold Lessor harmless for any injury, death or criminal acts of residents and guest, to any person or damage to any property arising out of the use of the community by Lessee, Lessee’s family, agents, employees, guest or invitees. Lessee is to keep manufactured home and premises in good and safe condition, and notify Lessor immediately of any unsafe or unsanitary conditions in the community or upon community property. Lessor shall not be liable to Lessee for any damages arising out of any actions or negligence on the part of any other community residents of their families, agents, employees, guests or invitees. Lessee agrees to pay Lessor for any damages caused by Lessee, Lessee family’s family, agents, guest or invitees, whether such damages is sustained by said comment resident, said community resident’s family, agents, employees, guest or invitees. ( I have read this.)


You may pay your rent with a check, money order, cash or credit card (processing fees apply). Please make money order out to ETJ Development. LLC and mail or drop off your rent at the following address:

ETJ Development, LLC
3370 Truluck Johnson Road
Aynor, SC 29511

DO NOT put your rent in the black drop box. The drop box is not a secure location. If Lessees puts rent in the black box, Lessor isn’t responsible for stolen or missing moneys. It is still the Lessee’s responsibly to pay rent or fees owned. You may however put your money order or cash through the mail slot in the door. Put your payment in an envelope with your name and address to avoid confusion and payment delay. ( I have read this.)

This agreement shall be government by the laws of the state of South Carolina. Lessee acknowledges having read and understood all of the terms and provisions of this agreement and agrees to be bound thereby.

Applicant 1:

Applicant 2:

Applicant 3:

Signed and agreed on this .


To Pay Rent or Report a Problem: Paulette Johnson 843-685-1416